Markt Rimpar

Kindergarten Bachzwerge with Toddler Groups


Bachgasse 35
97222 Rimpar

Phone: 09365 8067 - 570
Telefax: 09365 8067 - 579

 Monday-Thursday 07:00 – 16:30 HrsThe daily pedagogical core time from 08:30 - 12:30 must be booked.
During this time, the entrance door to the daycare center remains locked.
 Friday 07:00 - 15:00 hrs

In addition to public holidays and weekends, the kindergarten is closed on a maximum of 30 days a year.
The exact closing days are announced in the fall of each year for the following calendar year.

Closing Days Bachzwerge 2024

To expand the municipal childcare capacity, the construction of the new Bachzwerge daycare center began in 2022. The premises on the site of the former nursery in Bachgasse were completed and occupied in time for the 2023/2024 childcare year.
You can find more information and pictures about the project at

Crèche groups

The crèche children's area is on the first floor. The "amphibians" and "dragonflies" crèche groups each have a group room, a bedroom, a bathroom with changing room and a checkroom. The large corridor in the entrance area is designed to be interesting and varied for our youngest children, offering a range of play opportunities.
The first floor also houses the management office and a parents' room, which is used during the initial separation attempts in the settling-in phase and for parent-teacher conferences.

Kindergarten Groups

The kindergarten children's group rooms are located on the second floor. The "Beaver" and "Raccoons" groups each have a creative room, a washroom and a checkroom. The spacious hallway offers many play and activity options that can always be adapted to the children's current needs. At the center of the hallway is the large kitchen, where the children cook and bake together for special occasions.
There is also a large gym on the second floor, which all the children can use for movement lessons and movement construction projects.

Outdoor Area

Behind the building there is a beautiful outdoor play area for the children to run around, dig and climb.
The enclosed access to the stream gives the children the opportunity to fetch water and play with it together with the staff in summer.

The Bachzwerge daycare center works according to the teiloffenen Konzept.
All children have a fixed place in their home group. This is where they start the day, have their regular teachers and meet daily for the morning circle. Birthday celebrations also take place in the home group. This helps the children to settle into the day-to-day routine at the daycare center and gives them a certain sense of order and security.
After the morning circle, the group rooms are opened. During this time, all rooms are available to the children. The children then decide which of these rooms they would like to use. After successfully settling in, the kindergarten children can leave their groups on their own and have the opportunity to choose their play area and play partner independently.

The children can choose from the following areas:

  • Reading Corner
  • Activities on the motor skills and play walls
  • Various building corners
  • Gymnastics room
  • Change to the other daycare group

 During "free play", the children can choose their own play partners, play materials, play location and duration. During this time, we observe the children, give them as much freedom as possible, but also provide assistance where necessary. Partially open work requires a clear set of rules that the children can follow. By opening up the rooms, our children learn to organize themselves and also to weigh up what is important to them at the moment.

In addition

  • Trust
  • Independence
  • Decision-making ability
  • Neugierde
  • und Problemlösefähigkeit

is promoted to a high degree in the children.

The crèche children also have the opportunity to use the corridor on the first floor with all play areas across all groups. However, this is only done when accompanied by the specialist staff.

For detailed information on the pedagogical orientation of the Kita Bachzwerge, please refer to the concept:

Bachzwerge concept

Bachzwerge child protection concept

The daycare team consists of:

  • Daycare center management: Ms. Henig
  • Deputy daycare center management: Ms. Steinhauer
  • Erzieherinnen und Erziehern
  • Kinderpflegerinnen
  • ggfs. Berufspraktikanten in der pädagogischen Ausbildung
  • Changing school interns and school trainees

Der Kindergarten ist ein kostenpflichtiges Betreuungsangebot des Marktes Rimpar.

Die Höhe der Kosten ist abhängig vom Nutzungsumfang und kann in der jeweils gültigen Gebührensatzung eingesehen werden.

Gebührensatzung Kindertageseinrichtungen

Daycare places are allocated centrally by the market town of Rimpar. All information on registration and the allocation procedure can be found here:
Registration Daycare Centers