Markt Rimpar


Note: Since the beginning of 2023, the new Citizen Service Portal of the Rimpar market.

We are currently revising our Internet pages, on which links to forms and applications are embedded.

If links to these documents are not up to date, we apologize for this.

As part of the Citizen Service Portal you have the option of entering applications to the Rimpar market and forwarding them directly to the responsible office for further processing.

You can also use the Citizen Service Portal also a set up a citizen accountYou can do this either with your new ID card or with a user name and password.
Once the citizen account has been set up, the personal data required for use is conveniently transferred from your citizen account.
This will save you time and make it easier for us to process your application.

We will continue to expand the Citizen Service Portal We are gradually expanding our range of services in order to be able to offer a citizen-friendly 24/7 service as part of digitization.

Important tax information for start-ups: