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Welcome to the Rimpar Market

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Our website for all citizens, guests and friends of our market town.

On behalf of the market town of Rimpar, I would like to welcome you to the Internet and thank you for your interest.

The market town of Rimpar with its districts of Maidbronn and Gramschatz is one of the five largest municipalities in the district of Würzburg with a population of almost 8,000 and an area of over 36 square kilometers. Rimpar, the market town at the gates of the regional center of Würzburg, offers you many opportunities in all three districts, but also in the surrounding area, such as the Gramschatz Forest, which is around 30 square kilometers in size, to spend your leisure time in a well-developed infrastructure or to choose your center of life here.

There are cultural assets of outstanding importance in all three districts that are well worth a visit. With the tomb of the knight Eberhard v. Grumbach in the chapel of the Rimpar parish church and the altar "The Lamentation of Christ" in the former monastery church of Maidbronn, both the first and the last great work of the master Tilman Riemenschneider can be found within the walls of our market town. The mighty Grumbach Castle, which the market town acquired and renovated in 1980, is the cultural center of the town. The castle complex, which is one of the oldest preserved moated castles in Germany, is home to the municipal administration, a castle restaurant, a bakery museum and an archaeological museum. The historic knights' halls also host a wide range of cultural events.

The information on the following pages, as well as all the services offered by the clubs, associations and institutions, are intended to provide you with a permanent source of information.

I would also be grateful for your opinion about Rimpar, Maidbronn and Gramschatz. Please let me know your suggestions, wishes and criticism.

If the short virtual tour has aroused your curiosity, we would be delighted if you would visit us outside the web.

You are welcome to visit us at any time.

Yours, Bernhard Weidner
1st Mayor