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Picture: Nadja Kess

Overnight accommodation (vacation apartments, hotels, guesthouses) in the market town of Rimpar you will find here

Offers Guided tours

Information on the Spessart project:

Gramschatz 1: Rimpar und Maidbronn | Archäologisches Spessartprojekt

Gramschatz 2: Zwischen Gramschatz und Einsiedel | Archäologisches Spessartprojekt

"We in Bayern" campaign "Bavaria's most beautiful spot!" From the Zugspitze to Franconian Switzerland, from the Upper Palatinate Forest to the Allgäu - the viewers were shown 15 vacation regions throughout Bavaria. And you voted for your favorite region.
The winner: the Franconian wine country with the Kobel in Rimparpresented by cellar master Klaus Wagenbrenner from Rimpar.

The Kobelweg in the program "On the road in Thuringia - Main-Werra cycle path" of the MDR on 20.8.2022 to be seen in the media library

The Rimpar market in the "Franconian wine country"

The Rimpar market in the leisure & travel magazine „TreffpunktDeutschland“
(Here you will find information about the sights in Rimpar, Maidbronn and Gramschatz, such as Grumbach Castle, the museums, the Kobelweg, the churches, etc.).

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