Markt Rimpar

Citizen Bus

Schloßberg 1
97222 Rimpar
Phone: 09365 8067 - 203
Fax: 09365 8067 – 150

You would like to go shopping, visit the doctor or simply have a coffee in Rimpar and are not mobile. Our dedicated citizen bus drivers will be happy to take you on their "Tuesday and Thursday tour".

Simply register at the latest one day before the desired journey, i.e. for the Tuesday tour by Monday at 12 noon and for the Thursday tour by Wednesday at 12 noon, by calling 09365 8067-203 and you will be picked up directly at home by one of the friendly citizen bus drivers.
The cost of a trip (return journey) is 1.50 euros and must be paid directly on the bus.

During the long summer vacations, our community bus also takes all water rats to the Geisbergbad in Veitshöchheim free of charge after registration and of course picks them up again.
You can also register for this by calling 09365 8067-203.